Practical LR - Allison Divide Ranch - TX - Mar 27-28
Practical LR - Allison Divide Ranch - TX - Mar 27-28

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DATE: Mar 27-28, 2021
LOCATION: Allison Divide Ranch, Sheffield TX
CALIBER RESTRICTIONS: No Restrictions - 0.224 to 0.338 recommended
ROUND COUNT: 200 Rounds

The Allison Divide Ranch property consists of two major canyons with multiple smaller canyon fingers and gullies representing one of the best training environments available for shooting well beyond a mile. It gets even better, lodging is also included.

THE COURSE: The Practical LR course helps shooters to refine and polish shooting skills / techniques, and ballistic solver employment for practical long range and extended long range engagements. AB Trainers will cover many LR shooting topics, applying the academics to the practical application on the range. The course also covers:

  • AB Device Gun Profile Setup & Calibration
  • Temp Testing and MV Table Generation
  • Cold Bore & Cold Bore MV Application
  • Practical Ballistic Solver Employment - K5700 / GF701B / AB Mobile App
  • Wind Reading Estimation
  • Accounting for External Ballistics Effects at LR and ELR
  • Alternate Firing Positions
  • Accounting for High Angle Target Engagements
  • LR & ELR Single Target Engagements
  • Multi Target Engagements
  • Dialing & Holdover Methods
  • LR & ELR Spotting Techniques

  • This course is conducted over two days of range time, aimed at developing and refining shooter skills for a multitude of long-range shooting objectives. The training hones practical skills involving AB device use, shooting positions, first round shot placement and external ballistics while giving shooters the opportunity to push their equipment well beyond maximum effective weapon ranges.

    GENERAL: Shooters will receive a course information email a few days after completing the checkout process. The information packet will provide more detailed direction concerning guidance onto the ranch, lodging and kitchen facilities, airports, caliber and weapon system recommendations, equipment suggestions etc.

    This course requires target engagement from alternate positions. ABTD strongly recommends course participants bring a practical LR system that can be shot from various alternate positions.

    LODGING: Attendees are provided onsite accommodation at the ranch hunting lodge which comfortably sleeps eight shooters. There is no additional charge for shooter lodging.

    MEALS: The hunting lodge features a full kitchen which is available for use for the duration of your stay. A refrigerator and freezer is also available for food storage. Catering is not included.

    HOURS: Course participants are requested to meet at Sheffield, TX by 4:00pm the day before training commences. The AB Trainer will guide the course onto the ranch as a collective group. Formal course hours will be 8:00am – 5:00pm. Trainers will also be available for informal follow up discussion and questions upon completion of each day.

    PRE-REQS: Must be a US citizen or US person. Participants must be able to produce proof of citizenship or residency status upon request. Participants must possess competence in exercising weapon safety and handling. We recommend you have a basic familiarity with your chosen AB device.

    PHYSICAL: You don't have to be fit, but be prepared for multiple days of range shooting regardless of unfavorable weather conditions.

    EQUIPMENT: Bring your personal AB device or take the opportunity to select between a training Kestrel 5700 ELITE AB or Garmin Foretrex 701B.

    Please note the recommended equipment list and restrictions when preparing for this course.

    T&C: ABTD reserves the right to cancel courses due to lack of attendance numbers, unforeseen circumstances, or extreme weather conditions. Please read and understand our cancellation and refund policies before course purchase.

    By purchasing you acknowledge and agree to all company and privacy policies.

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