What's Wrong with .30 Cal - Kindle
What's Wrong with .30 Cal - Kindle


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In recent years, long range shooting has evolved in many ways. One of the major trends is towards smaller calibers. Calibers as small as 6mm, and even .224” are commonly being used in 600 and 1000 yard prone and Benchrest competition. In spite of the once common knowledge that „bigger is better‟ for long range shooting, the „benchmark‟ has shrunk from the big .30 cal magnums to the more moderate 6.5mm. Long range championships are being won with the tiny 6mmBR once thought underpowered for all but short range Benchrest competition. Why is this? Why is the once venerated .30 caliber loosing so much ground to the smaller calibers for long range shooting? Recoil, of course, plays a major role, but that‟s not all there is to it.

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