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r Mission:

Applied Ballistics’ mission is to be the complete and unbiased source of external ballistics information for long range shooters. We’re highly active in R&D, constantly testing new claims, products and ideas for potential merit and dispensing with the marketing hype which can make it so difficult for shooters to master the challenging discipline of long range shooting. We believe in the scientific method and promote mastery thru understanding of the fundamentals. Our work is passed on to the shooting community in the form of instructional materials which are easy to understand, and products such as ballistic software which runs on many platforms. If you’re a long range shooter who’s eager to learn about the science of your craft, we’re here for you.

About Us:

Applied Ballistics was founded in 2009 by Bryan Litz. Since then, the company has grown to include numerous industry experts who develop and support a product line that is second to none in the long range shooting community. Regardless if your long range shooting application is recreational or professional, Applied Ballistics is your one-stop-shop for accurate and reliable ballistic resources.

The Recreational side of Applied Ballistics is deeply rooted in long range competition shooing. Staff members Al Barnhart, Doc Beech, Mitch Fitzpatrick, and Bryan Litz are all active long range competitors who together have won numerous regional, national and international championships. The insight, experience and expertise of these shooters is apparent in the products and instruction provided by Applied Ballistics.

The Professional activities supported by Applied Ballistics are broad. From ballistic software integration to training seminars, Applied Ballistics has the depth to support the needs of todays’ military and law enforcement professionals with state of the art information and kit. Applied Ballistics partner Accuracy 1st is run by the US’s leading sniper instructor Todd Hodnett. Principal Engineer Nick Vitalbo leads a team of highly capable engineers in the development of cutting edge products designed to help professional shooters accomplish their mission by leveraging the science of accuracy.

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