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AB Analytics Package - Free "Accuracy and Precision" Book

The Applied Ballistics Analytics Package is the ultimate desktop Ballistics program. Using the Applied Ballistics solver, you can calculate ballistics based on G1 or G7 referenced BC’s as well as the full library of Applied Ballistics custom drag models. The state of the art solver combined with laboratory measured drag data makes this the best and most complete solver on the market.
Receive "Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting" FREE with your order.

This non-structured Navy Blue hat has the Applied Ballistics Logo embroidered across the front.

A 1 size fits all, comfortable and easy to form hat for everyone.

Accuracy and Precision For Long Range Shooting

This book discusses how various uncertainties affect your hit percentage. It explains how to correct the trajectories for drop, wind deflection, etc through the use of WEZ, Weapon Employment Zone, analysis. WEZ Analysis is explained and applied throughout the book to show how effectiveness can be improved through various means.

Putting Rounds on Target with Bryan Litz

In this instructional 3-DVD set, champion shooter and Ballistician Bryan Litz explains and demonstrates the science of external ballistics for use in long range shooting.

Using layman terms, Bryan explains the complex science behind putting rounds on target at long range. After explaining the material in a classroom setting, he takes to the field to demonstrate the principles in live fire.

Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets

This book provides highly accurate ballistic performance data for 400 modern long range bullets from .224 to .408 caliber. The Ballistic Coefficient data is based on live fire testing methods which are repeatable within +/- 1%. By employing a common testing method for bullets of all brands, shooters are provided with consistent and accurate performance data which can be used to compare and select bullets, as well as to calculate accurate trajectories which put your shots on target at long range. Detailed stability data is also included which can be used to determine suitable twist rates for bullets in various environments.

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