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Putting Rounds on Target with Bryan Litz AB Tactical App

In this instructional 3-DVD set, champion shooter and Ballistician Bryan Litz explains and demonstrates the science of external ballistics for use in long range shooting.

Using layman terms, Bryan explains the complex science behind putting rounds on target at long range. After explaining the material in a classroom setting, he takes to the field to demonstrate the principles in live fire.

The Applied Ballistics Tactical Application for Android was developed for the military sniper, with direct input from the community on desire features, interface, and functionality.

Dubbed “the easy button” of ballistics apps by active duty snipers, this application is the no-frills solution for professional shooters who need an accurate solution fast.

Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting: Volume I Kestrel With Applied Ballistics
Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting is a book series by Bryan Litz which documents the ongoing R&D taking place in the Applied Ballistics laboratory.

Enjoy the convenience of integrated sensory equipment and a state of the art fire control computer in one hand-held device.

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Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bulletds

List Price:$54.95
Sale Price:$44.95
This book provides highly accurate ballistic performance data for 400 modern long range bullets from .224 to .408 caliber. The Ballistic Coefficient data is based on live fire testing methods which are repeatable within +/- 1%. By employing a common testing method for bullets of all brands, shooters are provided with consistent and accurate performance data which can be used to compare and select bullets, as well as to calculate accurate trajectories which put your shots on target at long range. Detailed stability data is also included which can be used to determine suitable twist rates for bullets in various environments.

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